Aravind wrote about the change to the personal capital gains inclusion rate and how it may affect different individuals with different types of capital gain based property. Affected property with different planning implications will potentially include:

  • Diversified investments in a non-registered portfolio
  • Concentrated investments (ex. shares or options of a start-up or tech company that sky-rocketed in price)
  • Disposition of rentals/cottages
  • Disposition of shares of businesses held personally
  • Some ways that trusts may become more valuable if used properly in the future
Federal Budget 2024 - Personal Capital Gains Inclusion Rate
The Federal Budget 2024 included a provision for raising the inclusion rate of Capital gains for individuals as follows: The first $250K annually – subject to the pre-existing 50% inclusion rate. It will also not be prorated for 2024 so you will have the full $250K entitlement.