Do you remember the 'Magic 8-Ball' toy from when you were a just a kid?

A quick Google search says it was originally invented in 1946 and has largely remained in its original form since and selling over 1 million units per year.

It’s a timeless toy for a reason far beyond its design.

Fortune tellers have been grifting people for millennia, so whether it’s a child’s toy, the Oracle of Delphi, or a crystal ball – the one constant it provides is our everlasting yearning as humans to have clarity about the future.

Every now and again, we begin hearing two questions, starting with: “I know you don’t have a crystal ball, but what do you think will happen in the markets?” and it merits an answer.

  1. I can’t tell you.
  2. Nobody can.
  3. It is irresponsible for news organizations or investment commentators to pretend they can.

The second question, whether implied or stated is: “...and what should we do?”

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